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Psoriasis on Penis

I've had a rash on my penis for awhile. It doesn't hurt, burn or anything. The last time I had any sexual intercourse was probably over two years ago. I've had this rash since last november, roughly a year.
I went to my doctor, and asked if it looked like anything from an STD, and he said "no" he did not think it looked like the side effect of an STD. He gave me a perscription for a cream and it works, it'll make the rash disappear within 48 hours but if I stop using it the rash comes back.
He referred me to a a dermatologist and the dermatologist decided it was psoriasis. Whenever I googled "Psoriasis on Penis" a lot of hits came up for HIV.

I have no other symptoms of an HIV infection and I feel like if I had one symptom (the rash) i'd have more of them too, but that may be wrong.

I don't know how common skin rashes on the penis are and I'm terrified it may be HIV. Would I have gotten a rash a year after possible infection? I want to get tested however I don't have the money right now -- it's fairly expensive at places I've looked up.

Psoriasis (skin rash on penis)
Last time having sex about 2 years ago
No other ailments/symptoms of HIV or any STD

I know you or I won't know for sure until I get tested, but does Psoriasis/skin rash on the penis mean I probably have HIV? I just don't know how common it is.....
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And if it makes a difference, I started smoking roughly 2 years ago as well. The cream my doctor prescribed to me is "Triamcinolone Acetonide"

My dermatologist also gave me samples of Topicort, Protopic and Vertical Ointment. I do not know the results of those three since I have not used them regularly. I just know the Triamcinolone clears up the rash very quickly, but the rash will come back within a few days after I stop using it.
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no std is going to cause symptoms for a year like this.

psoriasis on the genitals is not only a hiv related issue. if you've never been tested for hiv before by all means do so so you can have peace of mind but no reason to think you have hiv based on your diagnosis you received only.  

psoriasis will continue to reoccur unless treated properly.  continue to follow up on this monthly as needed with your dermatologist.

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