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Question about penis problems

So I had unprotected sex with a women about a month ago. About a week after it I had a slight red rash on my penis head similar to a yest infection but it went away after about two days. A few days after that I started to notice that while I urinated it was burning abit. Now whenever I pee in the morning it burns but during the day it's fine. I have no other symptoms, no swelling, no discharge, no itching, no redness no other symptoms but slight discomfort at the tip of my penis.

I want to go get tested but I don't know if this is just a urinary infection that treated at home can go away.

What do you think it is? Need to know the possibilities.
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Get treated for all STD’s, this included mycoplasma genitalium. Be sure to be off of antibiotics for at least 3 weeks and use first void urine.
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Do not treat at home. It could be a UTI, but even then, you need the correct antibiotic for the specific bacteria causing it. Only a lab test can tell you that.

If you treat at home with an antibiotic, and it's not a UTI, the antibiotics you take can mess up test results for a few weeks after, making it hard to determine what it is you have.

It could be an STD - gonorrhea, chlamydia or NGU, or a UTI. The only way to know is to test.

Feel better soon!
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But the symptoms I'm showing? Do they correlate to gonorrhea and chlamydia? And are those curable? Or they for life...

Also I have taken amoxicycillin to try and cure whatever I have and it hasn't done anything .... So that's a stuff up then?
Yes, they could be gonorrhea or chlamydia. Those are curable, but not with amox.

Your best bet now is to go to your doc and let him/her know what happened and that you took the amox, and test. It may give you false negatives, but they may treat based on symptoms.

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