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Question as to STD


10 days ago I had a sexual encounter with a TS escort. There was a brief bit of receptive anal sex, protection was used and there was no ejaculation. I got tested, and all things came back clean, however I am still experiencing some dull pain in my rectum area. This was my first (and last) experience with this, so I wanted to poll the board here. Am I looking at an STD concern, even though I tested negative for chlamydia, syph, and Ghon? (Blood and urine test). Could this be some sort of normal pain that’s experienced with first time anal sex? If so how long should I expect pain to last? Potentially some sort of fissure?

Thanks for comments in advance.
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You shouldn't still be experiencing pain. Have you had an anal exam? Perhaps you have a fissure that isn't healing. It's been 10 days - I think you've waited long enough.

Fissures can happen with anal sex, but make sure you are stretched enough by using your fingers or his (you can find loads of sites with instructions on how to do this - none will be safe for work), use lube (not spit, that's not enough, nor is the lube on the condom enough), and go SLOW.

Let us know what happens.
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