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Question on Lymph Nodes

Hi, it's been a while since my last possible exposure (protected, yeah I know)

I have had this weird symptom, a swollen lump not exactly under my armpit but close enough to the armpit
(weird huh?) okay, a swollen lump not so far away from my armpit. It is about the size of a coin not so big and not too small, It is painful to touch (even the slightest touch hurts)

Do you think this is an std related symptom? I'm not sure if it's an swollen lymph nodes either because it's been there for only at one place (under armpit) I've heard that most of the time people with HIV,STD symptoms have varied on many lymph nodes (Spreading all over the body not only just for one place)


1. Are std lymph nodes painful to touch? does it hurt and does it spread throughout the body not only just at one place

2. I have no other symptoms, before I did but it was on an off (not coming all at once)

3. 6 months after possible exposure, I have this lump under my armpit. What's going on with me?

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1. Nodes don't swell with a STD
2. Question?
3. See a Dr
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Thanks for the reply, I dont quite get it with what you said. Nodes don't swell...mine's painful to touch... Are lymph nodes in hiv patience spreaded through out the body or just ONE swollen nodes under the armpit (painful)
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HIV questions post in the HIV forum.

I said with a STD nodes don't swell
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