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What STDs are you exposed to when having sex with a condom?  More specifically, what would you be exposed to if there was basically only minimal touching in the genital area?  How soon can this be tested for and what treatments are required? What are the chances of receiving one of these STDs?   How long until a cure is reached?  

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Hi there -

Using a condom, the most likely infections you could get are herpes, syphilis and HPV.

Syphilis will show up within a month on a test, herpes can take up to 4 months, and there is no test for men and HPV.  If you are female, the HPV test is done in conjunction with your pap.

Syphilis is curable already.  You just need a shot.  HPV will run its course and clear within about 2 years, though many clear it much faster.

Herpes is not curable, but it is managable.  There probably will not be a cure anytime soon, as we have yet to be able to cure any virus.


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