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I Have been getting a rash on and off for two months and one week now, its kind of slowing down. it looks like red dots(very small)  then sometimes it looks like bug bites, and sometimes even a patch of my skin will swell, i know this sounds like hives because it will only last several hours then fades away and shows up elsewhere later on. but i have them when i wake up ( usually under arm near armpit ) and shows up on my torso arms and legs, never face or genitals, but it has shown up around them! sometimes the skin will be red where the bumps are and other times they will just be red dots under the skin. it does get worse when I'm heated or have a hot shower but they go away in 2-3 hours then later on show up again. sometimes its by my hair follicles and sometimes its not ( its all very strange) Anyways, i was just wondering what this sounds like (besides Hives)  has anyone had and STD rash this long? can it be herpes? ( i haven't had blisters bursting, just bumps like bug bites) or HIV? I'd just like some ideas of what it could be, i already have my own i just want to see what others think.
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Post in dermatology, a rash that comes and goes in that short time frame (actually in any time frame) has nothing to do with a STD. Or see a Dr for the rash.
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