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I had gone to a massage parlor on 5th August 2019. I unfortunately had a Massage with Happy Ending (NOT worth the WORRY). The Female masseuse was fully clothed all the time. She first massaged me for 25 min with warm oils and then at the end gave me a Handjob using that same oil. Handjob lasted for less than 2 mins maybe. i got really worried after the incident and i went to the female masseuse after 4 days to talk to her (she said she was clean) and check her hand for Herpetic whitlow, but her hands were clean, no long nails & no cuts as fas as i could see.

Out of worry, i had a HSV IgM (ELISA) at 13 days and it came back negative. i kept checking my groin region for any symptoms, almost 20 days after the incident i had redness on my penis head. i consulted a doctor online and sent her pics of my penis. she said it was fungal infection. it was gone in 1 week.

After few days i noticed that i developed white bumps on the both corner of my mouth and inner cheek & penis shaft, but bumps were visible only when i stretched my skin (Lips & Penis shaft) and i still have them since almost 3 Months. i also had burning and itching sensation on lower lip but it subsided on its own. i went to a Dermatologist to get those bumps checked, he was not sure what it was. So he prescribed HSV test.

Then i had HSV IgG at 12 weeks mark from 2 different labs, it came back Negative (with HSV CLIA IgG HSV1 & HSV2 - <0.500 & ELISA HSV1 IgG - 0.36 & HSV2 - 0.21). But after that i again developed yeast infection (almost 2-3 Months later) (Redness, little bit itching & little bit burning). Its still there. So i tested again at 16 weeks (actually 4 months mark) again from same 2 labs for HSV IgG, it came back Negative (with HSV CLIA IgG HSV1 & HSV2 - <0.500 & ELISA HSV1 IgG - 0.34 & HSV2 - 0.26) and for HIV 1&2 (Negative 0.11 Non reactive). i consulted my doctor again and he said it is Yeast Infection but it could be due to HSV VIRAL SHEDDING (does this usually happens with asymptomatic HSV) so my doctor prescribed me Syntran, Bilashine 20 and Lulifin cream. To my shock he also prescribed Valcyvir 500, which made me scared even more and now I am not able to get this idea of HSV out of my head, Please help.

I did not notice any blisters, as far as i could observe.

I am very stressed over these things happening to me. I am very depressed and guilty for doing such a thing. After Reading my Question could these symptoms be HSV related?? And is there a chance of any other STD according to you guys??. Please explain in detail if possible. Any Experts available please help me.

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So first, let me tell you a little about herpes and herpetic whitlow.

Herpes infects nerve groups. This means that if you have genital herpes, it's ONLY genital herpes - you won't get symptoms orally, and vice versa. It doesn't - it can't - travel through your body and give you symptoms anywhere else.

Herpetic whitlow - herpes on the finger - isn't that common, and is almost always hsv1. Many who get it are dentists and others who are in that field. It's very painful, and I assure you that if she had a whitlow outbreak, she probably wouldn't be using that hand to give you a hand job.

So, what are you at risk for from a hand job? Nothing. I'll include some links at the bottom that explain why.

The bumps that you see on your lips and penis are probably oil glands. They're totally normal and very useful.

Viral shedding of herpes is asymptomatic, meaning when it happens, it gives no symptoms. I have no idea what your doctor is talking about. Your tests are negative, and conclusive since you tested negative at the 16 week mark. You could have a yeast infection, but if you do, that has absolutely nothing to do with herpes, and from what you've said here, and your test results, you have no reason to take the Valtrex.

I'd take your test results and see a dermatologist about your skin stuff, but you can't have gotten herpes from this. I'm not sure why you're so upset about getting a hand job, or if there's guilt involved because you have a partner (and you don't need to tell me), but you had no risk for anything.

And certainly you had no risk for HIV. The only sexual ways to transmit HIV are unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse.

Here are some posts from our experts (when we had them) that may help -





https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Vaginal-fluid-on-hand-touched-inside-of-condom-and-head-of-penis/show/1119533 - read this thread thoroughly. There is an excellent explanation about why certain activities are not risks, and why others are.

You really can let the STD stuff go. Your doctor isn't helping anything at all, but I'd bet if you got a second opinion, they'd say you don't have one.

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Thank you auntiejessi for quick reply, i was out  of town for few days so i could not reply early to your message.

I am more scared/concerned because all these stuff happening to me was not there before the Massage Parlor incident. My Yeast infection is gone now (almost took a month).  And you mean to say that HSV Viral shedding doesn't causes yeast infection. And can a quick peck on lips transmit Oral HSV, i didn't notice any cold sore on Girl's lips.

Those bumps i was talking about are still there since i noticed them in October 2019, does cold sore cause such bumps for such long period.

i did not understood this statement of yours - "Your doctor isn't helping anything at all, but I'd bet if you got a second opinion, they'd say you don't have one." , specially the last part.

Do i need testing at 6 months mark??

i am really scared to have sex with my partner, cause i have fear of transmitting something to her and i do not want it to happen.

Thanks again, awaiting your reply.    
I don't know why you got all these symptoms after this massage - maybe because you were checking yourself so much, and had some yeast on your hands and transferred that to your penis, or you just caused so much irritation that you gave yourself a yeast infection.

Nothing you did with the woman puts you at risk for an STD. A quick kiss isn't going to give you oral hsv1, and you are testing negative for that.

Yes, I mean to say that asymptomatic viral shedding of herpes does not cause a yeast infection.

When I say that your doctor isn't helping you, I mean that he never should have given you Valtrex. That is only contributing to your unfounded fears of herpes. "... get a second opinion, and they'd say you don't have one" - I mean that another doctor would say you don't have an STD. You don't. You had no risk for one.

Guilt does not equal risk. You may feel guilty, but that doesn't mean this had a risk.

You don't need any more tests.

You shouldn't have sex with your partner until your yeast is gone. You don't need to worry about transmitting anything else, but you could transmit the yeast, and then she might transmit it back to you, and it could take a long time to get rid of it.

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