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Rare HPV Infection - Need professional opinion

This is my first time posting here :)
It's going to be a bit long, but it's crucial.

A small introduction:
I'm 25 years old, healthy, very active and diet cautious man.

About two and a half years ago i've had protected sex with a female, who I later found out, had condyloma.
6 months later I noticed small bumps in the region of my penis. They were immediately treated with Crytotherapy.
Since I also have many sebum glands (Fordyce's condition), it was pretty hard to differentiate the warts from the glands, so I assume I had some sebum glands frozen off "just in case".
Since i'm pretty paranoid about diseases, and like my conscious to be clear, I avoided sex since the first wart.

About 6 months ago (2 years after the time of infection and about 1.5 years from the first warts) I took a PCR test that came back positive for BETA-HPV strain 107 -  A sub-specie of the Beta-HPV 9, which is closely associated with EDV condition (Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis), and is not associated common genital warts/condyloma or cervical cancer causing strains (which are of Alpha Papilloma type). A few weeks ago I took the test again, and it came back positive (again, strain 107, BETA HPV).

I did quite an extensive web research about the BETA Papilloma Virus, and as I understand, it's quite common in a latent condition in the general public, but only "erupts" in people who are susceptible of Beta strands - A very small percentage of the population.
Still, information about Beta HPV is so scarce, leaving me confused about my further actions :(((

Since I REALLY(!!!) want to go back to my normal life and i'm already over the normal median HPV clearance time, I simply don't know what to do now :(  I doesn't look like I have warts, nor EDV, and the many Dermatologists I've been to simply don't know what to tell me, since it looks like I know more than they do, in this subject.

I'd love to hear your opinions about this issue.
Thank you very, very much and have a great day!!!

If you know any HPV specialists or researchers than can have some input on this issue, please let me know.
I'm really depressed here :(
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I suggest you pay and post in the Experts forum. No one here is going to be able to give you more info then you already know. Sorry we could not be of more help.
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I still hope there is a chance someone will be able to help, even a little :)

Thanks :)))
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I doubt that in this forum. This is just regular people who have some knowledge about STD's. You are going well beyod any scope of knowledge that we have here.
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