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Rash in groin

Hello, just a quick question...

I am not sure whether this is sex related (I doubt it is), but I realised I have a red rash in my groin area. Friday night (2 days ago) I had protected intercourse with a girl. The day after I played soccer, and then cricket on the Sunday. Today I noticed deep in my groin crease there is a red rash I have itched it a couple of times which has inflamed it. It does seem a little like a blister to some extent, but this could be caused by itching through my trousers.

Does this sound like Jock itch? Or could it be Herpes? Or itch caused by public lice? Would anything like this come on this quickly? I am not a small man, and I sweat a lot. I am not used to much sport either. I have no girlfriend, but do not make a habit of sleeping around.

Thank you.
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I would bet on jock itch.  Pubic Lice you would see if you examined the area.  Herpes not likely takes more than a couple of days for herpes sores to appear.  The only way it could be herpes is if you were infected prior and this is not a primary outbreak.  I am sure you are fine you describe a low risk lifestyle, ALWAYS WEAR CONDOMS FOR ANAL AND VAGINAL SEX AND DON;T DO DRUGS. Good luck I wish you all the best.
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I was protected and never use drugs. It is right in the crease of my right groin. I have now squeezed it and itched at it so it looks terrible!

I guess it is Jock itch as I have had a weekend of sport. 2-3 days is a bit early for anything apparently? I can't see any little lice.
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I vote for jock itch too, especially given the location.

And please don't pop things or squeeze them, etc.  You only run the risk of spreading it or causing a secondary infection by introducing other bacteria into it.

You can try an over the counter cream for it - lotrimin, etc - or you can see a doctor.

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