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Rash on neck

Hello, I have this recurring rash on my neck. It comes whenever my menses is to start. I was wondering if it could come from having oral herpes. Recently I have had a sore throat twice in one month two weeks apart. The rash on my neck is very painful. My doctor seems to think that it is some type of fungus. The dermatologists suggest that it is eczema. But I don't think that is the case.

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The location is a bit odd, but herpes is possible. Next time you get the rash, go immediately to the dermatologist and have them do cultures for fungus, bacteria, and HSV. You could also have a type specific herpes test, but it will not tell you if the rash is due to herpes.
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I agree, HSV-1 is not likely the cause of your rash.  Next time you get it, try to get a culture done.  Even if your rash is caused by HSV-1 (which I do not think it is), oral herpes is not considered to be an STD.
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