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Rashes and sores after sexual encounter

During a sexual encounter, I noticed heavy yellow discharge from my sexual partner. I did not notice it at first(she had conceiled it well) and I, unfortunately, wasnt using protection. Later that day, I began to itch and noticed small line like sores that burned when water touched then. The next day after, I noticed ashy patches(rashes) which itched and the sores had dried.... but when i had an erection the sores stretched and broke! now every time the sores dry and they stretch it is painful as if receiving a new cut.  I do not have discharge or burning during urine. The worst part is that i passed it to my main partner now she has burning sensation and notices i gave her an infection.
The other partner said it is UTI but i have no idea.
Symptoms-1) [Line like sores] that burn when water touch. They dry and break when streched like a new cut!
2.[itchy ashy patch rashes] patches that itch and are ashy compard to normal parts of skin.
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An std would not present symptoms the same day as the encounter or the next day... You could have gotten a bacterial infection of some sort... you really need to see a doctor we won't be able to diagnose you.

Also, since you had unprotected sex you were at risk for all STD and should be tested properly.

Chlamydia, gono, trick, NGU 7 days post
HIV- 3 months
HSV- 3month
Syphilis- 6-8 weeks
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