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Really complicated - NEED HELP, PLEASE

Okay, so I start having irritation down in genitals - itchyness, tiny sore ect. However, the sores don't seem to burst by themselves, urine doesnt sting them and i dont think any scabbing happended - to be honest they are so small i wouldnt know and there was literally only like one or two. I then go to a clinic to get tested all tests come back normal except for a culture of HSV2 which comes back positive. However, I have only had one sexual partner and sexual intercourse once which was protected and then oral - the person i had sex with was a virgin and so was I. So the likelyness of that is really small right? The clinic also can't find my results when i return and the system said i had checked in on a day that i had not (strange right?!) I then think this is not possible and is such a small chance that I go to a hospital and talk to a doctor and explain that the whole situation in which she agrees is a very very small chance. Because of this she agrees that she will re-culture and this time two swabs are taken from a fresh, wet sore. The results then come back for that as negative. Since having done 2 swabs instead of one and the whole situation it would seem logical that something weird is going on (i also have had enlarged lymph nodes for 7 months, and the sores only came up now which was 7 months since having intercourse). The doctor even agreed that if the test was to come back positive which it did not that we would look at getting it looked at by a microbiologist. What do you think? Something strange is definitely happening here right?
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herpes questions go in the herpes forum. we'll follow up there in your post there. thanks!!
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