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Receiving Oral Risks for Men?

What STD's am I at risk for after receiving a blowjob from service provider? The bj lasted about 15 minutes and I also rimmed her for 5 minutes? I'm very nervous as I am married and am feeling a burning sensation at the tip of my penis, usually after urination. Could this all be in my mind? Is chlymidia or gonnorhea passed common in this fashion? Please let me know.
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also I must mention the bj was unprotected:(
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Your at risk for HSV, not sure about clam or gon though but just get tested after 3mnths so u can get truthful results for everything. I know how u feel I'm married also did a major stupid move now  I'm feeling weird and burning pee symptoms also
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you can contract several std's from unprotected oral though overall the risk is low.

you should be seen and get an exam and some basic testing done.  you don't have any obvious lesions so not likely this is herpes related. You can get tested for ngu, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea.

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Thnks for the response Grace. Why do you say oral receptive is low risk? Is there certain statistics or how do you believe that? thank you:)
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I also hear that we can cause this psychologically...Hopefully that is the case
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it's not something I believe dear, it's something that years of research backs :)

follow up on the testing recommended and in the future only have protected sexual contact so you can save yourself frequent testing, worrying and protect yourself!!
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