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Recently I had sex with a csw I used a condom std scared help!

Recently I had sex with a csw I used a ultra thin condom for oral and vaginal sex but pulled it off to ejaculate. All the acts lasted under 2 minutes. When done I washed my hands and my penis with a clean hotel towel and went home. When I got there I washed my penis with soap and a Clorox wipe. Shortly after I noticed burning which I hoped was the wipe. The next day the burning got worse and its non stop. It's day nine and the burn going from penis to testicles still persists, I'm terrified I got something from her. Worst part is I'm engaged to be married in the summer.... This was supposed to be my last hurrah before being a married man. I have no discharge or burning when I urinate and I have std tests scheduled for tomorrow.
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Hi since you wore a condom nothing could get inside your penis, thin condom or thick condom. you can rule out any std from the oral but with the protected vaginal is a low risk for herpes and syphilis which are topical infections for genital areas that rubbed against her genitals out side the condom. Since you have a long term partner test for herpes and syphils at the time below post exposure.
1. herpes ===3 months
2. syphilis===6 weeks.
But what of my symptoms?
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Burning is not a symptom of herpes or syphilis and since your penis was covered it would have to be from the cleaning wips.
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