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Recently went to a massage parlor

Hey I recently went to a massage parlor a couple of days to be exact and I’m really worried I might have gotten an STD. We used a condom she gave me head for about 2 mins and I was inside her for about 3 mins. After we were done she took off my condom cleaned me with some towels and I left. When I got home I took a shower to clean myself off. I’m scared other I caught something I just want to know the chances of it and when I should get tested.
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Hi, i dont think you have any risk since the whole exposure is protected. Nonetheless, you can always get tested for a peace of mind
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I have one more question. I have a lot of pubic hair. I don’t think our skin touched as I was wearing a condom but could I get infected if the veginal fluids touched my pubic hair?
You wouldn't get an STD from vaginal fluids touching your pubic hair. STDs that are transmitted via fluids have to get inside your urethra, which wouldn't happen since you used a condom.

If you are sure your skin didn't touch, you aren't at risk for herpes, HPV or syphilis.

You really are worrying too much about this. You had protected everything. Even for the infections that condoms don't fully protect from, they do reduce the risk quite a bit. The chances of you getting anything from this are very, very, very low. I wouldn't worry at all if it was me.
Thank you very much for taking your time to answer my question. I appreciate it and it really calms me down. Have a great day and once again thank you
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