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Red, Shiny Marks on head of penis

Almost three weeks ago, I noticed 3 small (rice sized) red dots on head of penis. Two were located on rim and one in region of Urethra(or however you spell it). They are slightly raised if not any, different in size and shape but none exceed the size of a grain of rice. They appear to have a shine, and at times almost unnoticeable. They have no itch, pain, or any symptom of an STD such as fever, formation of small blisters, etc. It almost appears as if they come and go, when I wake up in the morning ill take a look and they will appear as if they are a day from gone. When I get out of a hot shower and dry off the redness will be more present and noticeable. I might also add that over a week ago I went on a long walk and felt the material of my boxers irritating it, when I got home I noticed that it was leaking a fluid that was transparent, and yellow-ish when on tissue paper. After this incident the area didn't crust, like a blister would after popping. It just went back to the way it was. It is definitely not as noticeable as it was when I first discovered it, however the color fades and radiates like I said from time to time. About a month ago(before any of this was present) I had little bits of toilet paper stuck to the head of my penis after ejaculation. They were stuck on pretty well so I let them be to come off naturally, probably took around a day. Im wondering if that is what could have caused this? And should I be worried about a possible STD? Would any STD make marks like these that fade color and become more red after showers, etc. I havent had any sexual activity since around May 5th, these marks apeared around August 24th. Your opinion is greatly apreciated
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When I stated... "One in region of Urethera" I mean fairly near it on the exterior not inside of it
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Wondering if you could help?
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you have to pay to post on the std experts site. they don't stop in here to answer posts for free.
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Im looking for advice here thats what this wecite is for...
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