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Red Bumps in Pubic Area (male)(photo)


I am a 19 year old male.

Sex history: 1 drunken encounter, was too drunk to even get it up, but girl still tried to put it in, didnt work
             Currently: girlfriend of 5 months, she was tested STD free, (she tested because she was assaulted previously)

Anyways, after my drunken encounter I noticed these small red bumps that showed up, i dont recall having them really, but they are usually just flat, but they turn into bigger bumps after I shave. Ive had them for 8 months now id say, but I dont know what to think of it anymore, i am honestly just a mess and am not sure what to do with my situation. I have done free clap/gonorrhea testing at my school and was negative for both. I am scared to go somewhere to get tested, and don't want to be weird about using my insurance which is linked to my parents. Does anyone have an idea of what this could be? I have always had really sensitive skin if that means anything (rashs on head as a baby, dandrift, etc)

The red bumps itch sometimes, especially when im at work wearing jeans and doing manual labor outside.

This picture is of my pubic area (just above base of penis).
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This seems to be related to shaving your pubic area and its not an STD for sure. Stop shaving at least for a couple of weeks and if you do so again, shave the hair following their direction and not against it. After shaving apply some hydrocortisone cream ( not ointment!!! ) combined with fusidic acid or some other antibiotic ( just once or twice if needed after shaving, hydrocortisone is not meant to be overused so take care ) . They sell them over the counter in Wallmart. Avoid tight clothing as it can aggravate the itching. You dont need to worry about having something.
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Thanks for the reply!

I will stop shaving and buy that cream that you recommended.

Thanks again, I was really worried, I will post an update in a few weeks.

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Also, on another forum-like website like this, a user suggested that I had folliculitis. What is your thought on that?

Thanks again, I am so glad I was able to get a response from you!
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Yes i totally agree. I didnt mention the term because i didnt want to confuse you. Its a very mild case of folliculitis induced by sharp shaving. Thats alright, its a pleasure to help. Keep me updated :)
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Would it be smart to not shave and use fusidic acid, or can you only use an antibiotic like fusidic acid after shaving?

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There is not problem using it without shaving at all. Dont worry. It wasnt severe so i think that if you stop shaving it will resolve in a few weeks without treatment. Hydrocortisone and fusidic acid only for a few days and then nothing.
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