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Red bumps on penis....

I have a question, maybe someone can help me with. A couple days ago, I noticed a red pump on the shaft of my penis. I thought it may have been irritated, as it looked to have opened up in the middle. Later that day, I noticed that there were two other of the same bumps on the other side of the shaft, all the way down at the base. Then, yesterday it seemed like they were sprouting out at different spots around the shaft, only smaller, and not opened at all. The other three were scabbed up at this point. As of tonight, it seems like the smaller ones are almost going away, however the three bigger ones which may have been irriated are still there, as when I shower the scabs come off and leave it open. They don't itch, and they are not very sore either. They look like a small pimple in size, with some of them having a pin sized black or brown mark in the middle. The three that were opened, may have been opened by irritation when I didn't know they were there.

Also... starting today I have had burning when urinating. Seems like the tip of the penis is sticking together, and it burns when the pee busts through. However, I have no discharge coming from the area, and it doesn't look any different either.

Backround: My Girlfriend who I have been with for a year has cold sores, however we are careful not to have any oral intercourse while she has an open sore... also she was complaining about being a little irritated and itchy down there in the days leading up to me starting these symptoms.

Is it possible that I have a yeast infection? Just irritated? Some other skin disorder? Or does that resemble HSV-1?

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Hi SweetScience,

Burning when urinating set off a red flag in my mind.

"My Girlfriend who I have been with for a year has cold sores, however we are careful not to have any oral intercourse while she has an open sore."

You can still pass it even when there are no open sores.

"Is it possible that I have a yeast infection?"


"Just irritated?"


"Some other skin disorder?"


"Or does that resemble HSV-1"

The pain at the tip of the penis might be caused Herpes type I or II although more likely it would be type II in this case (if you were to have one or the other).

You need to see a urologist sooner than later if you have a burning sensation when you pee.  At the very least he can give you pyridium while they figure out what the issue truly is (speaking from personal experience- pyridium can help).

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Thaniks for the reply...

I can't see it being HSV II as I have only been with two girls in my life. The first I was with since High school, and for 8 years afterwards. Neither of us had anything. And the Second is my current girlfriend who I have been with for a year, and she doesn't have HSV-II... she has oral HSV-1 which she has had since she was a little kid.

The burning with urinating didn't start until after I had seen the bumps. Also, the night before the burning with peeing I did apply blue star oinment to the bumps, as I was already putting it there for jock itch. Could the Blue Star ointment have caused the burning with urinating? I didn't apply it to the tip, but I did put it on there rather generously on the little bumps.

Also, more info... there was no tingling, burning, pain, or itching associated with the onset of the bumps, or on them now for that matter. Wouldn't I have felt something if they were herpes sores?
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Another note...

I have just noticed a cyst like lump in my groin. Nothing on the surface, just one underneath the surface. No red mark or anything. I also forgot to mention that two days ago I found another lump in my armpit. It wasn't there the day before. Feels sore, and like a big infected hair, or possibly a cyst or boil type deal. I can grab it, and move it around.

Is all of this connected?
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Does anyone have anything to add? I am making myself crazy looking around the internet at all of these symtoms.... and I don't have any medical insurance.
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I hate to tell you, but imho, you should see dr. asap.
There is bacterial infectioin going there since you have your lymph glands reacting, one in your armpit and one in the groin.
good news is that you don't have to have insurance to take care of that.
All you got to do is find public health center in your town or county, they should provide free std screaning.
there are plenty of dr. offices that provide free std screaning and treatment, just put it in your search engine.
lety us know what happened.
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Grace, I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Thanks...
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As of today all of the bumps seemed to be opened in the center, and are much more sore to the touch. There is no more burning with the urination whatsoever. I first noticed the first bump on Monday and as of today it seems like at least one more bump has started. I have been putting blue star ointment on them, which makes a burning, cooling sensation for a while.

They are spread out and not clusters of bumps.. that really doesn't suggest Herpes does it? They are all perfectly round, with dimples in the center after they open up. Before they open up they have a whitish top with a pin sized black or brown mark in the center, and red around the outside.

If it was Herpes... why would I still be getting a new bump here and there almost a week after my first one appeared? Why wasn't there any soreness, tingling or anything leading up to the bumps in the first place?

As I said before, I also have a sore lump in my groin... like a swollen gland or something of that nature.
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obviously something is going on - I would stop applying anything to the genital area and go be seen by a doctor. You can go to any of the low cost health clinics around you or even planned parenthood sees males and charges on a sliding scale.  All we can do otherwise is guess which won't be very helpful.  

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Also to add... I had two chalazions a couple months ago. One in each eye, that swelled up badly. I never used the medical treatment for either of them.. and to this day one of them is still there, of course the bad intial swelling has gone down, but there is still a lump in the eye, and it is red as it was when it first appeared, under the bottom eyelid... which the doctor said was definitely a bacterial infection.

Counld that bacterial infection going untreated be the cause of all of these thing popping up over my body? Armpit, groin, genitals, ect...? I am normally very healthy, outside of a being pegged for probably having prostatitis a couple years ago. I am wondering why all of these symptoms are popping up all over the place on me now?
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Hey, did you ever figure out what it was going on with you, Because i think i have the same problem.
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Hey hello. How Have your symptoms been?  
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