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Red bumps on tongue along with burned feeling

I recently had oral sex with a woman and about 2 weeks later I started to have this feeling like my tongue was burned. Looks like my taste buds are raised and red. I can't see anything in my throat, only on my tongue. I looked at the pictures of herpes and it seems really red and close together which isn't what I have. They seem like irritated taste buds. I can`t really find a picture that looks like what I have but i still have that burned feeling on my tongue after 3 and half day. I`m just worried that its an STD. Theres no white coating that isn`t usually there and its not thick. all of the bumps are spaced where it would seem like they are taste buds. Just worried and I have to wait like 2 weeks before my usual health care provider can see me.
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Never heard of a STD giving those symptoms...dount that it is STD related.
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I've been looking for something that matches my symptoms everywhere in the std forums just in case but I couldn't find anything that was close.....thanks for the response though.
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What's the diagnosis on this? I have the exact symptoms. Please share, thanks.
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I have had similar symptoms. It feels like I've burnt my tongue on something hot, and sensation continues for days. Ever since about 2 years ago it happens about every 3-4 months then goes away.  When symptoms first began, I had swelling in the lymph nodes, spots on my tongue, reddish blemish on penis (however not a blister or herpes), and my lips swelled up 2x their normal size.  Since the initial symptoms went away, I'll get the occasional canker sore inside my mouth or these "burns" on my tongue.
I have also been screened twice for all STDs - including syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, chlamydia, and it certainly isn't herpes. Negative across the board on both occasions. Nothing comes up. Who wouldn't freak out about not knowing what the problem is? Especially when your own doctor scratches his head.  I just hope it isn't an STD or anything serious.
Anyone else have similar symptoms?
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