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Red colour small blisters and one red patch on penis head

Dear Doctor,

I was diagnosed and treated for chlamydia 3 months ago.
After that i only had sex twice until now and i used condoms on both occasions.  

3 days back i started having a fever, soar throat and headache. I went to see a GP and he gave me medicine for the common flu. paracetamol and an antibiotic called ammoxycillin.  I don't have any fever now but my soar throat is still there.

Today i noticed a few very small red colored blisters and one red color patch which has a wet surface. None of them are causing any pain.  I'm scared if this is a STD like HIV or syphilis which my first test that diagnosed chlamydia failed to identify 3 months ago.

Please advise on this.

Thank you.
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You first STD pannel of tests might have missed HIV and syphilis if you tested before the window period.   Please talk to your physican about what "window periods" mean.

If you are scarred about hiv --take a test for HIV it will be conclusive by now.
The same thing goes for syphilis (a syphilis window period is 6 weeks).
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