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Red dots and small irritation

So, recently I have been having sex with this new girl, I don't really know how clean she is, she said she was positive of it.

1. I have been drinking in excess for about 10 days now, whilst also getting little sleep.
2. I have been smoking cigarettes and also a nose narcotic.
3. We were having very rough, sex.
4. Yesterday, we had sex for maybe 2 hours and then again when we woke up.
5. Last night, I went to the bathroom looked at my penis and on the tip there were multiple little red areas... and around the line in which my pubic hair and stomach hair meet... little red dots everywhere.
6. I woke up this morning, and one of those said red dots, right above that line, was filled with a yellow/clear liquid.

Please help...
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Did she smell? That is how to know how clean she is.

See a Dr this is not a STD as symptoms don't show that soon. Unsure what it would be.
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