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Red rash on penis

Okay, here's the deal. About 8 weeks ago I got a rash on the head of my penis(around the edge), and it was red and had raised edges. a day after it started, I put a jock itch creme on it, and the raised edges went away, and the darkness of the rash went away.

No burning, no itching, other than the rash, the only other thing that seems abnormal is that all the veins on the penis when it is erect are very red.

But the rash wouldn't go away. After a few days I started putting hydrocrotisone 1% on it. And if I use that twice a day for a couple of days, the rash goes away completely.

BUT... a day after I stop using it, it comes back.

Right after this happened, I changed detergent, in case there was some reaction to the detergent. (And re-washed my underwear twice.

Again... if I use the creme for two days, it's gone. but if I stop, it comes back.

Should I see a doctor? (i'm assuming that will be a yes) but in the meantime, is there any idea of what this could be? I've had sex once in the last year, and that was in May, and used protection....
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Fungal infections can be hard to get rid of.  Use the anti-fungal cream again and use it for 2 weeks longer than your symptoms last.

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thank you for your comments. :)
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