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Red shiny spits under glan, itching and tingling

Hello community!

This all started about a month ago (July 26).  Two days after having mutual oral with an uncircumcised male in Paris.  I am circumcised.  

Right after the tip of my penis was sore.  So I laid in bed and kept putting lotion on it.  After it would absorb I would add and rub in a little more.  Just trying to moisturize it.  

A couple days after I starrted feeling a burning/ tingling especially on the tip but also generally throughout the groin.  My lips were also feeling dry and tingly and I may have had a sore throat.  

I went to the doctor after I returned to he states.  They looked at my penis, took urine samples and swabbed my throat for strep.  They gave me 1g of azithromycin and a shot of cetrifaxon prophylacticly.  Also a single tablet of diflucan.  Thinking I was going to start to feel better and possibly it was just a fungal or yeast thing, I started spraying tolfnaate onto my penis and groin and gold Bond medical powder all over thighs and penis.   That lasted about a week.  

After this I started noticing a few flat shiny red spots just under the glans of my penis One ran along the underside of the glans where it meets the skin for about 5 mm.  Almost like abrasions or friction where the skin looks rubbed off or thin.  I thought well maybe that is fungus again.  So I got some miconazale nitrate cream and powder.  Started putting that down there for a few days.  I also would put calahist lotion on the tip occasionally along with the powder which seemed to protect and dry the skin out to heal.  

I stopped putting anything on for a couple days trying to keep t dry and occasionally put unscented lotion to help the skin heal.

Then I started to see those red spots in the same pot coming back.  Like I said some of this is over reacting trying to treat this and get it resolved.  

Any advice, thoughts.  I am trying to get a dermatologist appt but everyone is saying they are booking 2-3 weeks out.  I really don't want to wait that long.  

Could it be herpes (with no noticeable blisters in such a small area?)

Fungal /yeast infection?

Syphillis? Or would that have been taken care of by the big dose of antibiotics?

Balanitis on a circumcised male?


Contact dermatitis?
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