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Red spot on penis (w. pic)

Does anyone know what is this? Before I noticed it being there, it was covered with peeled skin and when I removed it, it revealed this red spot and the mid.of it is sometimes watery, now it burns only when I wipe it. My last sexual
and any kind of intimate contact was 2 years ago...


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I forgot to mention the exposure from 2 years ago was the only one I ever had.
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We can't diagnose you here, as we aren't doctors.

How long have you had it? Has a doctor seen it?

Since it's been 2 years since your last intimate contact (and I'm going to assume that also includes oral sex), it can't be syphilis. The timing is off.

Do you remember scraping it with a zipper or anything?

I'd suggest getting a doctor to see it soon, so they can culture it to look for bacteria or virus.
Thanks for ur response. I forgot to say I had a mutual masturbation/frotting, 14 months ago... would syphilis still be a concern?
No, a syphilis chancre appears within 90 days, though usually around 3 weeks, after infection.
Okay, thanks for your reply! It's better today so I assume it was some kind of an irritation or smt.
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