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Red spots and what looks like whiteheads

Honestly im not sure what it is but i all of a sudden have lots of red spots all over my chest and spots all over my body. I really don't get acne so I dont know what to think of it. On the chest I have red spots all over and whiteheads. The bumps on the rest of my body do not look like the others, they are just bigger red spots. They concern me less because i was in the woods and they look a little like those bug bites where the bug burrows in the skin....not sure what its called. Its just really random....its never happened before but im worried.

Also as you can see i'm rather hairy but the spots dont go with the hair follicles exclusively,
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I uploaded more photos on my profile
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If you read our posting tips you'll see that we don't allow pix to be posted of symptoms. Even when they are non-genital areas - we don't want to see them.

This is not likely to be a std.  You need to see your doctor or a dermatologist for further work up.

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