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Redness and Meatus Inflammation

My penis tip has been red and meatus inflammed for over two months.  The redness on tip started a few days after oral sex without protection and intercourse with protection.  Meatus swelled after two weeks.  Tested negative for STDs with urine and blood tests.  Prescribed ofloxacin, desonide and clindamycin with no results.  Currently halfway through doxycline two week course and showing no real changes.  

The redness on top of penis tip changes from bright red when erect to mildy red when relaxed.  There is a bright red spot that is about 1mm in size that the redness on tip seems to emanate from.  Doctors don't think much of the redness although it is not "normal" because it was not there before.  Could this be HPV?  The antifungal lotions are not working.  Should I try to get Imiquimod or Tazarotene  to rid of this redness and spot?  What if doxycline does not resolve meatus inflammation?  I have been two urologists and three dermatologists.  Should I opt for a biopsy?  This is causing severe mental stress.  Please help.  

Your time and help is greatly appreciated.  
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no this isn't hpv.

no, no need for imiquimod or tazarotene.

no, you don't need a biopsy.

at this point, continue to follow up with one of the providers regularly to try to get to the bottom of things. with all your negative testing, odds are this isn't anything std related at all.

also if you are checking the lil guy more than once a day, stop! It's not worth a crotch watch and oftentimes just not looking at him very often, helps symptoms to get better too.

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Hi Grace,

I heeded your advice, but found no results.  My meatus is iflammed and glans are still red after 3 months.  I also had a red circle the size of a dime on my shaft that formed and the skin flaked off, healed and now returning.  None of this seems normal to me.  Please help.  

Thank you    
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what have your providers been telling you when you are seen?
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Red glans:
First dermatologist: skin irritation or possibly eczema; prescribed clindamycin phosphate and econazole
Second dermatologist: Referred me to a GP; prescribed desonide
GP: Referred me to a dermatologist
Third dermatologist: Not certain of cause and apprehensive about biopsy; instructed me to continue using clindamycin and vaseline

Inflammed Meatus:
Urologist 1: Diagnosed as  NSU
Urologist 2: Diagnosed as NSU; follow-up visit said everything "normal" even though there were no significant changes

Have not seen doctors about new red spot on shaft. I get the sense from the dermatologists I have seen that they do not want to treat anything until it is in a very chronic state and they can diagnose easliy with naked eye.  Always telling me to return later to see if it naturally goes away, who it has not for almost 4 months.  
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