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Regular STD Testing for Men?

I got a vasectomy about 8 months ago, and am now dating someone who I trust.  We are talking about possibly stopping our use of condoms.  She was "clean" last time she checked and she will check again before we stop using condoms.

I am in the military.  I went in to the doc the other day to get checked for STD's, and when I told him I have no symptoms and no known contact with someone who has a STD, he said not to worry about getting checked.  I get checked during my physicals for HIV and another big one (either gonorrhea or syphilis, I can't remember), so I don't have either of those. The doc said, that as a male, if I had any other STD's, I would have obvious symptoms.  He said that since I didn't have any symptoms, it wasn't worth getting checked.

I have had unprotected sex with three women in my life, all during long-term-relationships, the most recent of which was about a year ago.

Is the doc right?  Would any other STD's have obvious symptoms?  Or was he just being lazy?  I don't want to risk my current girlfriend's health!
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