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Resetent Trichomoniasis HELP PLEASE

Can someone give me advice on what to do next please?
I will start from the beginning. Was dating a guy for 6years, I got pregnant. I thought everything was going good. When my son was about 3mo old I was having a lot of discharge (so much so I was going through jeans) I had never had a yeast infection before so that’s what I thought it was. So I tried treating it myself with Monistat 1. That didn’t help so I tried using it again still no help. I called my ob and told her over the phone that I thought I had a yeast infection and that I had tried monistat, she called in nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide cream that I used the same as the monostat. Still no help but it did help with the itching and swelling a little. So when called back week later she said I need to come in. So I went. I saw their infection dr. She did a few test on me and came back said I have trichomoniasis. She gave me metronidazole signal dose. I confronted my babys dad and he denied ever cheating on me, so I told him the proof I had then he admitted to cheating on me. Needless to say we no longer have sex except for ones but ill get to that. Anyway told him he needed to get treated for it as well. And he did. In the mean time I was still having systems so call dr again and she gave me metronidazole the 7 day dose. Still no help. I tried calling dr again and she called in fluconazole 150mg. Still no help so tried calling again  but they would never call me back so I went to plain parenthood and they said I still had it and gave me metronidazole signal dose and told me I needed to see another ob because they felt it should have gone away. So made an appointment with another ob. So I thought since it still had not gone away and the guy had been treated as well I wanted him to suffer a little so I gave it back to him and told him he has to get treated again and go back to make sure it’s gone from him.  Anyway on with me, so I told the new ob what I did she gave me tinidazole 800mg. Still no help then she gave me metronidazol 500mg. I went back and I still have it. She said she was going to call in fluconazole but haven’t gone away yet. And if it didn’t work last time took it will it work now? Will I ever get cured from his mistake? I feel like I am missing my son’s life (now 10mo) because of this. Am I going to die from it? Please any suggestions on what to do to treat this would be so helpful. Is there any other kinds of meds could take for this? What should my next step be?
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It would be unusual for trich to be resistant to these medications and doses.   there can be false positves for trich too.

at this point ask them to swab you again for trich as well as a gram stain wouldn't be a bad idea either. they can also send off a sensitivity test too to see if you do have a resistant type of trich.

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Thanks for answer. I have had this since june 2012. Last fri when I went back to the dr they did the swab test. I got the results back today and they told me it was still positive. I’m tired of all this.
What is gram stain?
I know its uncommon for it to be this resistant but like said I have taken all the meds they told me to and no sex shower everyday even use a hair dryer down there to make sure its dry. I don’t know what else to do. Also I read that when people have this hard of time getting rid of it an option for them is to get an iv dose of metronidazole. Is that true? And should I ask the dr about that? And am I going to die from this?
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no you won't die from this.

ask for a referral to an infectious disease specialist
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Could it be so resistant becouse the guy gave this to me 3mo after i gave birth to are child? And could baby have gotin it becuse was brestfeeding at that time?
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no, trich wouldn't be transmitted through breast feeding.
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Hi, I know it’s been awhile and sorry if adding to post wrong. But this is what has gone on since earlier. I went back to dr still had it. Was given Metronidazol 500mg 4 pills for 3 days, The 3rd day I took them I passed out from taking them, went back dr still had it. So was given Tinidazole 500mg 2 pills 3 times day for 14 days. On the 3 day of taking them I was having convulsions so bad was taken to hospital. Called dr office and told them what happen and they said to keep taking them I took one  dose 2 pills of 500mg and passed out from them so I called dr again and the said to stop taking them. They called in some kind of flangal not sure what it is because I have not got it yet. Also asked dr if they referred me to an infection disease person if that would help. Like you recommended and they said they would do the same thing they been doing. I also found out that since I have this if I ever get rid of it; it will come back sex or no sex. Is that true? And will this ever go away? Is there something I have not tried? I’m becoming desperate to get rid of this and it still itches and is wet but not like was in very beginning. .
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at this point they need to stop throwing medications at you that are making you so sick :(  Honestly, I wouldn't take anything else until you've been seen by a specialist.  

here is a prior post on the false positive issue for more reading too - http://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/Trichomoniasis/show/1119263  ; would be a shame if you were being treated repeatedly needlessly :(  

hope you start feeling better soon !!!  What an experience :(
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