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Risk for syphilis?

A month ago, I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a CSW.  The thing is that before the intercourse, she rubbed her vagina against my scrotum/penis base for about 20 seconds.  I know this is very low risk for syphilis from reading other questions, but mostly that's in developed countries.  I'm in a third world country, where syphilis is an epidemic, and this was a "low end" CSW.  I asked her if she had STD screenings recently, and she told me that about a week before, but I obviously don't believe her.  I'm going to have blood test at 6 weeks, but anxiety is driving me crazy and I'm looking for some peace of mind.
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Can't tell you much more then what you have already said...low risk. I would not even worry about it.
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After reading the San Francisco City Clinic site's remarks, I think it may be worth getting tested for syphillis (unless you're willing to settle for it being very unlikely according to the below quoted doctor).

"If the scrotum makes contact with vaginal fluids, is it susceptible to the transmission of HIV & STDs?

Some STDs, such as HPV, Syphilis or Herpes, can be spread from infected skin to uninfected skin of another person through skin-to-skin contact. Although very unlikely, these could be spread from scrotum-vaginal fluid contact since only coming into contact with vaginal fluid would be unusual without contacting the vaginal mucosa (skin) as well."
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