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Risk from light oral sex

I’ve met with a CSW in Singapore 10 days ago. Our encounter was brief where we had light kissing, very brief protected vaginal intercourse (condom was intact and covering my penis) but I have licked her clitoris very brief with the tip of my tongue - maybe 3 times only.
I am married and now scare to death of having contracted any STI and or HIV.
Can you please assess my risks of the above action?
If I have any risk, testing would be warranted and when?
Thank you.
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By the way till today no symptoms of any infection - no sores neither problems when I am urinating. Too early?
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This discussion is for STD's only as you have already been advised on our HIV forum. thank you.
Can I have then your assessment based on STD’s only?
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Low risk for hsv, HPV and syphillis as infection can occur outside of condom protected areas. Very low risk. Hsv would have likely showed by now with a high percentage showing by 10 days.  You never had a HIV concern
Thank you so much! So would say that I can resume my sexual life with my wife without any worries?
Hi, you were exposed to syphilis and herpes and even though its low risk testing for these would be advised before being intimate with your wife.
Syphilis---6 weeks post exposure
herpes----3 months
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