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Risk of HPV and Molluscum

3 months ago I received a massage at an Asian massage parlor. The woman (50’s) massages me for about 50 minutes before giving me a hand job with oil to completion.

She also inserted her finger into my anus with no glove or lubricant for about a minute.

She remained clothed the entire time and did not touch her genitals at all. I also did not see any visible warts on her.

My questions are:

What is the risk of acquiring HPV or molluscum from this event?

If she had had HPV years before and cleared it naturally can she still transmit it to me?

What are the risks of the anal fingering?  

I’m not sure if she washed her hands prior to the massage but she did after.  Any reduction in risk there?

If she didn’t touch her genitals at all during the hour, would it even be possible for HPV to be on her hands and transmitted?

Thank you
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Hi you had zero risk to contract any std from what you describe.
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