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Risk of diseases including HPV

Hi, I posted a herpes only related question in the herpes forum because it didn't allow me to post here so I will make that question broader.

I had a sexual encounter earlier in August, protected vaginal sex (man to woman) and unprotected oral sex (only woman performing oral on me). Also deep kissing was involved. Regret experience. I got a full panel std done at 17 days after the episode. Everything negative - herpes hsv1&2, syphilis, HIV, hep a,b,c and chlamidyia. What should I retest and what is conclusive?

The IGG herpes test was negative for both hsv 1 and hsv 2. I understand it is not 100% accurate, with about 50% who are positive most likely showing a positive result at 6 weeks. How accurate is it at 17 days or a little more than 2 weeks? IGG for HSV1 <.1 and IGG for HSV2 <.1 I do intend to test at 6 weeks.  For example, how many negatives turn into positives from the research data?

I'm also worried about HPV - I have what might be a wart that appeared on day 13. Docs don't think it is a wart but referred to derm. Do genital warts appear that quickly?

I should also add that at about 20 days, I developed a sore throat with no fever. Doc does not think it is bacterial and he thinks it is viral. Could this be the body putting up a fight against a possible HSV1 and/or HSV2 primary infection or HPV infection? No visible signs of either HSV1 or HSV2 on mouth/genital area. I also sense tingling in spine.

Very worried. Not able to sleep much.
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Hey there! My name is Rebecca and I am a virologist that specializes is STDs, and HIV/AIDS.
First, HIV is only conclusive at 3 months. So you must get tested at three months after possible exposure. Getting tested for HSV is tricky. The window period can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. Getting tested at two weeks, three months and then six is never a bad idea. Symptoms for HPV, which are warts in your case being male, I assume, begin at around two months. Very unlikely that the growth you are describing is HPV if it has only been 13 days.
And spine tingling isn't a result from a viral infection. You should contact a chiropractor if the tingling does not stop.
The bottom line? At three months, I would go in and receive a broad spectrum STD check once more and if you develop symptoms go in immediately. Until symptoms appear, hide your time.
Hope this helps!
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Thank you rebecca. As a virologist, have you ever seen or read about infection of HIV via unprotected oral sex (male receiving via female) ?

Also as a medical professional, have you seen negative 2 week tests of HSV turn positive in 3 or 6 months times?

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