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Risk of rubbing

I’ll try to be clear. I had a body massage where she had her underwear on and I was naked. She rubbed her breasts on my penis and testicles, and gave me a handjob. There was no sex of any kind, just body rubbing.

A few weeks later, I have noticed a firm whitehead looking bump. It was hard, but I managed to pop it. After the popping it got infected. I went to the dermatologist, that sent me to get tested for stds (all came negative, but for syphilis it was too close). He also gave me an antibiotic lotion to rub, which I’ve been doing for the last three weeks.

The thing is, it doesn’t look like it’s going away and the infection is still thwre (it’s smaller), which makes me wonder if I'mat risk of syphilis or other skin to skin infected deses?
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Hi you had zero risk for any std from what you describe.
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Thanks for replying. Just to make sure: I have read some comments that a skin to skin contact can transfer herpes or syphilis. So why was I at zero risk?
Skin to skin contact for herpes, syphilis and HPV means genital to genital skin to skin, or oral to genital. It doesn't mean hand to genital, or breast to genital. For these STDs to transmit, it needs mucous membranes to rub against other mucous membranes with some friction.

People are only infectious from the location of their infection. If someone has genital herpes, syphilis, or HPV, they aren't infectious from their hands, arms or breasts. They are only infectious from their genitals. They aren't walking biohazards.

Thanks, but if the massues does breasts rubbing on other clients that has syphilis sores on thier penis, isn’t it possible for her to get it on her breasts? I saw a doctor on YouTube saying it’s possible to have syphilis on the chest as well.
If you have secondary syphilis, you could get a rash on the breasts, but that would be very clear for you to see - it would likely be all over her torso. Otherwise, the skin on her breasts is too thick to infect.

Stop watching random stuff on the internet. Not everyone is as knowledgeable as they proclaim to be. You had no risk.  
But what about the pimple That got infected on my testicles? I never had such a case.
Sure, and it's never recommended to pop pimples for this reason. You could have had some bacteria on your hands or under your nails (not an STD, but staph or something that we all carry around all the time) that got into it and it got infected.

It probably wasn't a pimple, but a normal oil gland that you somehow managed to pop, or just an ingrown hair or something.
Thanks you for answering. I feel like ny anxiety about it in the last few weeks has ruined my life. I can’t sleep well, and constantlly worried. I just want to know I can have my life back, and put this stupid mistake behind me.
Anxiety is a separate issue from STDs, or risk for STDs.

We have told you that you had no risk, and why, and you are still not convinced. You say you are "constantly worried" and aren't sleeping well. This is anxiety, as I'm sure you know. You need to address this as a separate medical issue than what you feel is causing it (your non-existent risk for an STD).

You had no risk, so you can put this behind you. If you find you can't do that, please talk to your doctor about treatment and/or counseling for anxiety. I say this only with compassion, no criticism or judgement.
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