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Risk of spreading HPV?


About 7 weeks ago, I had a first time experience while drinking too much with a trans person. I received (protected) anal sex for a pretty brief moment in time. I am a straight male, yet did have this one time experience (though I am pretty certain it won't happen again). After experiencing some discomfort in my anal area, I got tested. I did blood and urine, and I also did an anal swab. Everything came back negative with exception to "high risk HPV" though HPV 16 and HPV 18 were negative. The doctor told me that there were small tears causing the discomfort/pain.

I've read up on the topic, and it looks as if this is going to clear my system over time - though no definitive timetable. My question relates to how this could ultimately spread in the short term? I realize that it was tested through my anal area, but would heterosexual sex expose a partner to this if I were to have sex with a female? I.e. is HPV local to the infected area?

Thanks for any feedback/responses
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If you get infected with HPV (which is highly transmissible between men that have anal sex), of course you can then infect your partner by having vaginal sex. You used condom when having sex with the other man, which reduces the risk, but it is not zero, as the contact skin to skin with the lesions caused by HPV can cause transmission as well. If you think you will repeat this kind of exposure,  please consider the idea of getting vaccinated against HPV. It is highly recommended for men that have sex with other men. In so many countries, specially in Europe, the vaccine is offered for free by the public sanitary system.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks. I guess to add the comment, I did not insert in this sex act as I was on the receptive side. So my penis did not go into an infected area. So if this disease is spread via skin to skin, if my penis wasn’t infected (I.e I did not have sex with this particular man) am I still transmitting?
Yes, you are infected in your genital area, not just your anus.


If you had genital warts on your penis, which certain strains can cause, then you could also get genital warts on your anus from the same infection, without having had anal sex ever.

I think you are trying to ask if you are infectious to your wife/girlfriend/partner. The answer is yes. Depending on how long you've been with her, she may already have it, or she may have given it to you. If you've been with someone for years, though, chances are pretty good that your recent male partner gave it to you.
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