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Once I went to hospital test HIV ,after 30minutes I get the negative answer,this makes me very happy .But that time I find I touched some liquid and it is on my finger.I don't know what the liquid is.But I didn't do any cleaning.Only 3 minutes after I touched the liquid ,I went home and had fingering with my gf using the finger which touched the liquid 3minutes ago.Because I got the liquid from the place where I test HIV ,I am afraid the liquid is special ,such as using for study or it is from laboratory so it can make HIV virus infectious enough to make my gf get HIV ,will this? And is this a risk of other STDs?Please think or the possible risk and give me a answer.Thanks
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She had no STD risk. Also I don't believe it took you 3 minutes to go home and start masterbating your gf.

HIV questions post in the HIV forum.
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My house is facing the hospital.Maybe 3 minutes is not correct,but less then 10minutes.What makes me worried is the place where I get the liquid is so special.So I afraid it use for study and culture in laboratory,so it has a higher amount of virus than the nurture body liquid or it is added some chemicals so that it can keep infectious and make she get HIV.Is what I think possible.is this a risk of HIV?
Sorry if I ask too much
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Again, HIV questions post in the HIV forum.
Thank you
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I am afraid of getting other STDs too so I am here.So could you tell me your answer for my post?Is this a risk of HIV.and is this a risk of HBV?
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I answered about STD's.
HIV post in the HIV forum.
Hep...post in the Hep forum.

We have specific forums for a reason.
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Ok thank you for your answer.I p
ost it here just because I think they all belong to STDs
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