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Risks and Prophylaxis from Kissing and Masturbation

Hi, 40 year old heterosexual male.  A week ago, I made the stupid mistake of KISSING and letting a female Stripper / CSW while abroad in Costa Rica to MASTURBATE me (she used some of her saliva / drool) as lubrication.  No other contact.

I would like to understand what are the possible risks involved from my stupid actions, which I assumed at the moment to be safe.

HSV-2 is not an issue, since I already have it from many years ago and it is hardly an issue (very minor/twice a year outbreak).

From my understanding HIV is not really a risk, but what about Syphilis?  I don't know how common or not it is in Costa Rica and I understand it is rare for it to spread through kissing, but don't want to become the outlier statistic.

I havent had any symptomps, but would like to know if there is any prophylactic treatment I can take?  I just want to be able to sleep, rest and move ahead with my life and wife, which I fear to death of infecting.  I understand that a test would take 6 weeks to be useful, so would rather do something preventive / prophylactic treatment.


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this isn't any std risk at all. there isn't any need for any treatments for testing from this.

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Hi Grace, sorry, I try to be as rational as possible, but it just seems hard, when your physical and emotional well being is at stake.

I didn't notice any chancre or lessions on her lips, but what if she was incubating syphilis on the mouth?  would I still get passed to my mouth?

I read on some sites that it is possible, but it just seems like nobody ever catches this mouth to mouth, do they?

What I truly worry is about passing on this to my wife, that's why I would prefer if I could test right away or take a preventive treatment.  Does such a thing exist?

I don't know why we make mistakes and put ourselves in this situations of such high anxiety.

Sorry for the rambling.
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actually there is a little risk for gonorrhea and ngu because of saliva.
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your anxiety over this is your real issue, not any std risk. don't confuse the two.
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sorry but this is not zero risk.i do my research about it because i had a simillar accident and i find a post by dr.Hook who clearly says that when genital secretions or saliva are present in masturbation it's not zero risk.
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Show me the post where Dr.Hook says that saliva during masterbation is a risk...IT'S NOT A RISK.
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i was surprised too so i am going for testing...
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Hi Drazen,

From what I read, the odds are only theoretically / a very long shot.  It's been a week and I haven't had any discomfort on the tip of my penis, no discharge no irritation, so eventhough Chlamydia / Gonorrhea can take a bit longer to manifest, I have a hard time believing that after being very self aware and checking every minute you wont feel a thing for a week and then have a full blown infection the next.  

I also don't think you will find actual cases of people with HIV infection due to Saliva.  

I know how hard it is to think of the risks, but If the Doctors on this site have been on this business for 30+ years and have not seen cases, the odds of it happening are not very good.

As I mentioned, It's tough to be rational about one's own wellbeing, but Im trying my best...
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yes dr.Hook was speaking for a theoritical risk and i found simillar posts from dr.Handsfield who says zero risk for that kind of exposure even if saliva did get in your urethra.
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Let's just say you'd have more chance of buying a single lottery ticket once in your life and winning the jackpot first time than getting any STD from an exposure like this. This was 99.9% risk free don't worry.
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This was 99.9% risk free don't even worry about it.
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