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Runny nose and sneezing hiv sympoms?

About 3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a woman. I wasn't really concerned about catching anything until two days ago when I got a sore throat. The sore throat disappeared yesterday. I have also had a very mild fever for the past two days. These are HIV symptoms.

However, I have also had a runny nose and I have been sneezing a lot. From what I am to understand, these are not symptoms of HIV. Or are they? If they aren't, does that mean that I can rule out the possibility of HIV? I probably just have a cold right?

Anyway, I know I'm probably being paranoid because of the small chance of catching HIV (especially seeing how I don't have any other symptoms such as rash, swollen lymph nodes or body aching) but I just want some reassurance and confirmation.
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HIV doesn't cause symptoms like this.  You caught a cold.

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