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First, i want to thank all the people in this forum. Bless you all.

Kindly read my story and i will be grateful if you took your time to answer me.

Previously i had sex with a prostitute. I caressed my penis on her *** without penetration, then i wore condom and i had rough blowjob. After some minutes i stopped and took off the condom and wore another one. I then did vaginal penetration for less than 2 minutes. When i was about to cum, i took off the condom quickly not properly then i cum on her ***. I then took a tissue and rubbed my sperms. I turned the tissue side by side rubbing. I am also worrying if my hand had some virus would it pass infection to my penis as i rubbed the sperms off.

Later on, i surely knew the girl was HIV positive from a very accurate source. Since then i was in fire.

1. Was there any possibility of any std infection in my story?

2. Describe how HIV infection really happens, where, quantity of virus required, is infection instant (or the virus has to flow to inside). Kindly give a detailed description? ( This will greatly help others understand how the infection works)

3. I heard methylated spirit kills std virus, if you poured it on your genital area (penis, balls e.t.c), does it help or worsen?

Please answer me sincerely, tell me what i should really hear.

We human beings are very funny, we know that having sex with a stranger is risky but we do it.
It is purely self-destruction or suicide.

May God guide us to the righteous path, away from troubles, Amen.

Thank you.
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1. No
2. Post in the HIV forum
3. It has no effect on a STD but might cause some skin/penis irritation.
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Thanks Vance for the quick reply.

Something in addition to that.
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As stated in Wikipedia and other sources. Alcohol (also methylated spirit) kills common viruses including flu, HIV e.t.c.

If  a person after 5 minutes of having sex with a HIV positive woman, washes his genital, his penis with alcohol, will it according to the facts, kill HIV or will it worsen the situation, like washing your penis with water and soap?
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POST IN THE HIV forum with HIV questions.
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