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I have recently visited a sex worker in London UK. Let me tell you what happened so you can understand what answers I'm looking for.

I met black Latino lady in a hotel room. She welcomed me inside and we started to undress. I laid down on the bed with my shorts still on and started to dry hump a little. She then took off her clothes and we continued to kiss (no tongues) over each others bodies (not genitals) I then started to finger her and then we both started mutual masturbation. Now my penis was fully out and was occasionally rubbing the top of her bum cheek or on her leg, she was asking me perform cunnilingus (which I did not) I then continued to play with her vagina, both inside and out and she occasionally grabbed the shaft of my penis but I pulled back each time. We continued with this for several minutes until she put a condom on with her mouth had a orgasm almost instantly. I immediately got up and showered. As I got up I noticed she has blisters or burn marks on top of her hands, they seemed to be recent, I also have a cut on one of my hands. I also felt a small lump inside her vagina.

Since the experience which was only 3 days ago, I have had sensitivity in my testicles and a twinge in the tip of my penis (no burning sensation when I pee though)

My concerns are.

1. I'm worried about the blister/burn marks on her hands after touching my penis. Can I get an sti from this, if so what sti's?

2. Can I get a sti from fingering her and then masturbating myself?

3. What could the small lump be inside her vagina? (she looked clean and I could have been mistaken)

4. Can you catch a sti from penis rubbing up and own her leg or on top of her bum? (not inside the crack)

5. Can I catch a sti from the protected oral? (she only sucked half way down my penis, only the condom covered area)

6. What could the sensitivity and twinge sensation be in my genitals?

I have long term partner and I'm feeling incredibly guilty about the whole experience.

Kind regards  


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1. Not trying to over react but you asked so i will try to be clear. Blisters on the hands could be a symptom of Herpes Whitlow  and burn type marks could be a symptom of stage 2 Syphilis. but i do doubt it was either as is more on the fingers or palms. The blisters would be painful so i dont think she would be touching anything. But Syphilis would not.
Again i only mention this because you have a long term partner and we must protect them.

2. Again Syphilis and herpes could be passed from touching her genital area. but with no blisters or chancres sores its close to zero risk.

3. A small lump could be HPV or Syphilis

4. Not really as the genital area is a place of more concern.
5. Protected oral is zero risk.
6.An injury from the act itself.
Since you have a long term partner test for herpes and syphilis for their protection.
Herpes 3 months
syphilis   6 weeks
There no test for hpv in men.
Thank you for your answers. So to be clear, even if the shaft of the penis was touched and not the tip you can still contatravg herpes or syphillis?
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Yes  and the issues is really exposure. In our every day life we have limited sexual contact but those who do it professionsly have it daily or even multiple times a day and the more your exposed the more likely hood to contract something. Im talking about her having it not you and if she has it you can get it.
Ok thank you. I will wait six weeks and get tested. Really appreciate the answers you have given.
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Sorry one last thing, symptoms wise, how long do they take to show and what would I be looking for
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There needs to be an active chancre and they appear at 3 weeks on average but the estimated time is 10 to 90 days
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