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STD Risk - Tip of penis contact with tongue

Just wondering if it is possible to get an STD from a tongue coming briefly in contact with the tip of my penis.

I met a guy at a gym when traveling for work.   We ended up jacking off together in his hotel room. Most of the time we watched each other jerk (no contact.)  There was a few minutes where I jerked him and he jerked me. Maybe 2-3 min tops.  Just hand contact.

When I was close to climax, he wanted me to finish on his face which I did.  While I was ejaculating, he briefly licked the underside and end/tip of my penis (where the opening to the urethra is.)  I think this was maybe for 1/2 a second.   My penis did not go into his mouth at all and I backed up as soon as he did it as I'm paranoid of STD's.

Other than the few minutes of hand contact and the brief contact between his tongue and the tip of my penis, there was no other contact.

Am I at risk of getting an STD from this?  Specifically gonorrhea, chlamydia, or NGU?

I ask because the past few days the tip of my penis has been more sensitive.  Like the opening where the urethra is sometimes is "noticeable."  It started a few hours after I had this encounter and comes and goes.  It has now been 6 days and is still here.   There is no discharge or any visible issues (sores, redness, etc.)  Everything looks normal.  I also have no pain, burning, or discomfort when I urinate.   Mainly the opening at the end of my penis is more sensitive and I notice it sometimes rubbing the inside of my underwear, etc.

Thanks for the input.
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I would say you have next to no chance of getting something from the situation you describe.  He would have to have the infection (of whatever it is your paranoid of) in his mouth at the time.  Your paranoia might be getting the better of you on the sensitivity issue, you're thinking about it, wondering, focusing on that area and giving it undo attention.  I bet you could do the same with your pinky-toe if you thought something was wrong with it.  That being said if your symptoms continue to persist for more than a week you would be within the window to get tested.
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OK.  So you are sure risk is low / zero?  That would make sense considering I felt discomfort in my urethra an hour afterwards.  I assume STD's take longer to show symptoms (days not hours.)  Is this true?

Can you have Gonorrhea or Chlamydia without discharge?
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Any other comments?  Please??
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Hi, what your describing is zero risk.
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You can have Gono and Chlam with zero symptoms, or the symptoms can appear later on (due to other immune weakening conditions).  If you are truly concerned then I would recommend going and getting tested.  At least so you can give yourself peace of mind.  Best of luck.
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