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STD Risk (HIV, Herpes, Warts, other)

Hi Doc,

I was just wondering about STD risks.

I recently had two encounters both with prostitutes:
1.unprotected but not sex just a full body massage at a parlor. Her vagina barely touched my penis but it did rob on my legs and butt fully. She also rubbed her breasts on my penis. And I ejaculated while my penis was in her hand.
2. protected oral sex

I've had no symptoms but I was wondering about possible risks. If you can kindly explain my risks for HIV, Herpes, Warts, and other STDs with exposures such as above assuming both were high risk since they are prostitutes, I'd appreciate it.

Also, is it safe for me to continue with such exposures with prostitues? Will I be at a greater risk in a long term?

Thanks you in advance
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This isn't the doctor's forum, but I will try and help.

I'm going to start with #2, because its an easier answer.  Your risks from protected oral are very low, and unless she had sores on her mouth or lips, I wouldn't worry.  If she did, you could still get genital herpes type 1 (very unlikely if you've ever had a cold sore before or have hsv1 antibodies), or syphilis.

You wouldn't be at risk for gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV or hepatitis from the full body rubbing, but in theory, if she had herpes, you MIGHT get it on your thigh or butt if there was enough friction from her rubbing her vagina on you.

If you continue these encounters with the same activities, you should be pretty safe.

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