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STD Risk of Happy Ending Massage. Help Please.

I'm in a real panic at the moment because I did something very bad one day ago.

I got really drunk yesterday and ended up having a happy ending at an unlicensed Asian massage place.

The unfortunate act only involved a happy ending and there were also a few times where there was fingering involved and light kissing. I did pull away from the kissing at times and felt a tongue at times.

Is there any risk with me contracting any form of STI as I don't want to pass anything to my fiance as we have unprotected sex?

I did have a healing ulcer in my mouth so could anything be passed through kissing even though I was pulling away from it most of the time.

I also noticed a few spots on my shaft today and am in a real panic as I'm not sure if it's just irritation, friction, or something else.

The guilt is really hurting me and I'm trying to put this all behind me.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I would venture a guess that the spots are friction and irritation.  Hand jobs are pretty limited in terms of risk.  Here is an older post answered by Dr. Hansfield regarding hand jobs.  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/STD-risk-in-recieving-handjob/show/1708925  He calls hand jobs non invasion and basically no real risk for STD's. And NO STD shows up as quickly as you say you see something.  Dr. Hunter and Hansfield say over and over that fingering, hand jobs and kissing are not risks in a practical sense.  

Guilt and anxiety can make us feel and see things.  Keep that in mind.
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Thanks for your comment as the guilt is getting to me.

What if I do feel burning, tingling, or see raised spots on my shaft? Would it be just irritation and would the other stuff be just normal skin stuff?

What if I see my lips with tiny spots on the lip itself although my lips do appear chapped from the weather but I didn't notice till the day after this happened?

Do you think I can continue unprotected sex with my fiance and also be able to French kiss her like usual without any fear in passing anything to her?
I also feel bad as I help cut my baby's food with my fork and knife. Could I pass on anything to my baby boy?
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You cannot pass anything on that way, and I really don’t think you’d have anything to pass on in the first place. Guilt and anxiety yes, but STD no
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Thanks for the reassurance as the guilt has been getting to me. If I contracted something like Herpes on my lips or Molluscum in my public area and thighs, then when would full symptoms show if I was infected during the massage?
If you got hsv1 from this, from the kissing, if you don't already have it, you may get symptoms within 2-20 days. Most people never see symptoms of hsv1 orally. About half the adult population has it, and about 70-90% will never get a cold sore, meaning unless they have tested, they don't know they have it.

Why do you think you'd get molluscum? If you ever get that, the incubation period (time from infection to symptoms) is usually months.

Guilt doesn't equal risk. You don't get anything from a handjob. I don't know if you're married or in a relationship that is causing this guilt, but that's a separate issue from risk entirely.
Thanks for helping. I couldn't see any visible sores but it was dark. The kissing itself was light but did involve tongue from her. I pulled away every time and still felt her lip and tongue touch my lips five or six times. What are the chances with her passing something to me from the client she had right before me.
If she got something from the client before you, it doesn't matter. You didn't do anything with her that puts you at risk. The only risk here is for hsv1 from kissing, which you could already have, and if she has it, has nothing to do with her occupation. Most people are infected as kids.

Your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles - many of them probably have it. Many partners you've kissed probably do, too. You have, without a doubt, been exposed before.

Don't let your anxiety and guilt take over. You had no risk here for an STD.
Thank you for your help and sincere health advice.
Sorry to be paranoid but what would the symptoms be for HSV1. I can see a few small single red white spots on my lips now 5-6 days after what happened. Could that be normal skin stuff or something else? Would HSV1 have a big blister by now?
It might not be a big blister, but it would be blisters. You can google HSV1 and see images. Keep in mind some are worst case scenarios.

Are these spots something you have to really look for? If they are, it's not herpes.

If you are spending any time examining your body looking for symptoms, stop doing that. If you get symptoms, you'll notice them, and remember that you had no risk for anything other than hsv1 from kissing here, and you could easily already have that. Since she had no sores, chances of you getting oral herpes from her are quite low.

Thanks for the message. I can't see them without really looking in front of a mirror. The general area looks a little red and I can see two to three little pimple like spots close to each other. Its seems more white in the middle of each tint spot but may also be more on the clear and lip skin colour. I have been using lip balm every day as well so could that regress HSV1 symptoms or would they show up anyway. I don't think it looks like the severe photos  on the Internet and the only tingling I'm feeling is from the other side of my lip. Does it still sound like HSV1 to you?  
I never said it sounded like hsv1, so I'm not sure about the "does it still sound like hsv1 to you" question, unless that was a typo.

If it was an hsv1 sore, you'd be able to see it without really searching for it. Is it possible you've irritated the skin because of checking so much?

Lip balm won't stop an outbreak, unless you mean Abreva, and studies on the effectiveness of that are mixed. Regular lip balm like Chap Stick or something won't stop it.

Thanks Jessie. You're right as my made a typo. The spots are still there but ever so small. They haven't really grown any more and wanted to ask whether they should be like the worst case now as a blister with pus inside it.
Yes, by now, if this was an hsv1 outbreak, you'd have some blisters. It wouldn't be just really tiny spots.

Let it be for a few days - stop touching it, stop doing anything that may irritate the area, and see what it does. Chances are really good that you didn't get hsv1 from this, if you didn't already have it prior to the encounter.
Thank you Jessie. I will send another message in a week to let you know. I also don't see a problem with having HSV1 just that it would be a constant reminder to me of the bad that happened if it did happen from the encounter.
If you get an hsv1 outbreak, you have no idea if this is a new infection, or an outbreak from an older infection due to the stress. The only way to know that is to test now with an IgG test, and if it's negative now, and positive later, it's a new infection.
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