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STD Risks (In Details) For Unprotected Oral Sex

ok maybe this question has been asked over and over again and I'm really sorry but i have not yet found any satisfying answer. Basically today I had sex with a sex worker. We had french kisses and she also gave me a blowjob (unprotected oral sex). I did not touch her vagina at all and we did not have any kind of vaginal/anal sex. Basically the only action we had was french kisses and unprotected oral sex. Keep in mind I am the receiver and not the giver.

What's the chance for me to get STDs? I think I've read here (medhelp page) by Dr H. Hunter.that the chance of getting HIV as a blowjob receiver is very low. Like about 1 out of 20,000. but I dont remember the URL. I want to know if that's true? And of course I'm here not just to talk about HIV but also other STD risks. what is my chance for getting HSV1, HSV2, HPV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and other STDs?

can anyone answer in details? i mean, can you tell me risk for each STD i mentioned above? for example: my chance to get HPV is 20% or 10% then my chance to get HSV1 is 30%...that kind of thing. does anyone have the number?

I almost forgot to mention that this prostitution place have mandatory STD testing. The prostitutes there have mandatory blood and urine test every month and they also get symptom checked every 2 weeks. Basically, I believe my chance to get HIV is probably even lower, because at least the last time the prostitute got checked she was still fully clean.

Thank you
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Hi unprotected oral sex is zero risk for hiv and very low risk for other std,s. Chlamydia is not known to be passed from oral sex. Bottom line is she is more at risk than you.
hi life360_dave - thanks for very fast answer. but can you be more specific? i mean, you only mentioned about HIV and chlamydia. how about:

1. gonorrhea
2. HPV
3. HSV
4. syphilis

i know she's more at risk than me but i just want to know my risks.
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1. with no white puss penis discharge 5 days later you can pretty much rule out gono.
2. most people dont have oral hpv so you can pretty much rule that out also
3. hsv is possible but if she did not have any open lip sores at the time its close to zero risk.
4. most poeple dont have oral syphilis and if she did not have any open lip sores and you did not have an open sore on your penis shaft for the germs to enter its zero risk.
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