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3 weeks ago, I had protected vaginal intercourse with a female CSW, there was no oral performed or received. She briefly massaged me by sitting on my back, when I felt her genitals rubbing against my anus for less than a minute. we changed few positions and after the encounter, the condom did not fail or break. I took shower two times washing my genitals thoroughly with different soaps. I noticed a small tear, as it stung me while I was applying soap near my groin on the crevis where the thigh meets the pubic area. That day I had itching all over my scrotum with redness and burning as if it were on fire in the perianal area which lasted for 2 weeks. During the 3rd week, I noticed a painless sore which looks like an ulcer on the side of my tongue which healed in 2 days leaving behind a white bump less than 2 mm in diameter. I also noticed two to three painless greyish white ulcers 5 - 7 mm in diameter with red lining on the side bottom of the throat, near the uvula which is not going away, 3 - 4 days now. I also think my armpits are also swollen, but they don't hurt and there are no bumps, It could be even fat tissue, I am not too sure.  Today is my 23 rd day and I am very stressed out, drinking alcohol to possibly reduce stress. I am not sure If I have an STD. Can you please shed some light?
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Hi firstly your mouth area had nothing to do with any std risk as it would be in the genital area. and protected vaginal sex is low risk for herpes and syphilis if your genital area made rubbing contact with hers out side the protected area. You can test for these if it will ease your stress or if you have a long term partner, other wise test if you get genital sores around your pubic mond or anus area about 2 or 3 weeks post exposure.
Thank you so much for the answer. Now I am experiencing pain in my left armpit if I move my arm around, but there are no or lumps. There are no sores around the genital area and the itching subsided during week-2. Prior to this exposure, I tested negative for all STDs. Do you think I might have contracted syphilis, HIV or Herpes-2 from this episode?
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Thank you so much for the answer. I am more concerned about HIV risk because I thought I might have had a small tear probably before the encounter, which perhaps got discovered when I was taking a shower later?
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