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Hi All,
I had a protected sex both vaginal and oral(She offerred me Oral with condom on). Both the times condom was put. After ejaculation, condom was properly desotryed. I did not do any oral sex with the lady.
After this activity, exactly afte one week, I started to get the Soar throat. It got cured in 2 days.
It is 5 weeks now after that sextual activity.
I am sufferring from soar throat from last 2 weeks again. Although this is not severe and no pain, I am getting below symptoms.

Feeling of sweating in underarms.
Neck Pain.
Soar throat.

No fever at all.
No cold.

Is it due to Infection? If I used condom, what can be the infection come from?
I have tried Azethromycin and Mint Gargle but the Soar throat is not yet gone completely.

I have a history of SINUS.
I have lack of sleep for 15 days before last week(4hrs per day).

What shall I do next?


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You didn't have a risk for any STD via your mouth since you didn't give oral your symptoms are not related to an STD
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Then what are those symptoms? I am worried. Please advice.
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you had protected sex and oral. you didn't have a risk for much you had a low low risk for HSV, syphili and HPV. HSV would present painful sores, syphilis a painless sore.
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Hi kdaily,
Thanks or the response.
I am still sufferring from sore throat. Also I am getting sweat in underarms. I am reading many postings on internet. I am not getting any help. Last week, I visited a general physician. She said it is due to acidity. She prescribed Pan40 tablets. But even after one week, I am not getting any reduction in sore throat.
I am little worried even if I used condom.

Please help me.


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sweating has nothing to do with anything.

Honestly we can't help your anxiety we've advised what your risk was and unless the condom broke you don't have much of anything to worry about.
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After 3 months of incident, I tested myself or ELISA and the results are Negative. Thanks
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