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STD and/or HIV Test NEEDED??

I will keep this right to the point.  6 nights ago had unprotected vignal sex with a woman that was a dancer at a strip club. I have very little recollection of the incident, as I was very intoxicated.   I did ask if she was "clean" and she said yes.   We had intercourse for about 3 mins and I did not "***" or ejaculate.  Nothing else happened.

I have not had any pains and/or symptoms.   My wife and I had sex last night.  We do use condoms, for pregnancy prevention.  No oral sex was performed.  

My questions are:

1)   What is the likelihood of getting HIV or any STDs from this situation?

2)   If there are probabilities, should I have testing done and what type of  testing should I have conducted?  When (timeline) do I have the test conducted?   OR Do I wait and see if any symptoms develop?  When

3)   Should I take an antibiotic or any other medication to help minimize any infection?   I have access to zithromax and augmenton.

4)   Should I be worried sick right now to a point of insomnia?

5)   What do you recommend my next step(s) be?  

Thank in advance for the reply.  I really appreciate it.

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1) Well any unprotected sex is a risk for STD's and HIV. From what the Dr's on the expert form say "most people do not lie about their STD status". But not knowing the history of the dancer it is tough to say if she is high risk or not. Most dancers are not. And if she did have an STD or HIV it does not mean you got it.

2) Well you can test after 1 week for gonorrhea and chlymidia, 6-8 weeks for syphilis and HIV and 3-4 months for herpes. Most men will show symptoms for gonorrhea and a lot will show chlymidia symptoms-burning while urinitating and/or discharge most common symptoms. Herpes-well you would see an out break or maybe just one bump and syphilis you would see a sore.

3) We never recommend self medication

4) Everyone has different reactions to cheating and possibility of an STD. I can not say what you should be experiencing.

5) I would test in the given time frames above and make sure to use a condom with your wife. I would also go back and try to talk with the dancer a little more to help ease your mind. Do not harass her, but just explain the situation of being married and fearful. And do not accuse her of having an STD. She might be just as worried as you are right now.

And it would be your call to tell your wife or not.
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