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STD due to licking women parts of a CSW

Hi, I met a group of massage girls in my hotel room in thailand. I didnt do any sex but I did a lot of sucking of breasts and licking of the girls vagina and *******... They were totally clean. They sucked my penis till it came 4 to 5 times and I came in their mouth....

Is there chance of STD while licking breasts, vagina and ******* of CSW?
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Yes, specifically herpes.
Other stds are low risk
Is there no physical mark etc of herpes? How do I test for herpes? How bad is herpes and if I have it, how to get it eliminated?
I am saying that because the girls said they dont have any STD or HIV etc and they asked me the same. No condom or dental dam was used and they didnt ask me to use them either.... The company who provides girls is big in thailand....

Also, I didnt see any burns or rashes etc on the naked girl bodies.... to show marks of herpes etc....
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1) herpes symptoms may be asymptomatic. However, it is likely to appear as blisters
2) There isnt a need for test of std as your risk is equivalent to zero
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Hi Biology2017. How to see a girl naked and identify if she has herpes? Are herpes blisters seen only on gentials or on mouth too?

is it possible that the girl has herpes but there are no blisters on her genital or face?
Herpes can be spread without herpes blisters and there are two types of herpes Hsv1 and hsv2. Hsv1 is cold sores usually on mouth while Hsv2 is genital herpes usually on genital area.
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