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STD from Lap Dance..Really Worried!

Few days ago took a Lap Dance at a strip club. Now, I'm really scared of any STDs I may have contracted.


I was fully clothed, she was fully nude. I sat on the couch, she kept a towel on my lap and started grinding. During the dance, she rubbed her vagina and then touched her breasts. She then rubbed her breasts on my face (and lips). During most of the act, I was pressing her boobs, thighs and butts. The whole act lasted for about 5 mins.


1. Because she rubbed her vagina and then touched her breasts and then rubbed her breasts on my face, could i have got any of the vaginal fluid in my mouth? My lips were dry and somewhat cracked, could this have made the situation worst? According to Wikipedia, hiv virus can stay outside the body for a long time: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misconceptions_about_HIV_and_AIDS#HIV_survives_for_only_a_short_time_outside_the_body

2. I touched her breasts, thighs, and butts can any of that be a cause for an STD?

3. Could I have contracted ANY STD from this exposure (please also see the symptoms below)? HIV, HPV, Herpes, Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis?

Sypmtoms after 3 days:

1. Itching on whole body (lips, eyes, nose, hands, legs, groin area..), no rashes or other noticeable signs.
2. Slight burning sensation while urinating (dark yellow urine), it corrected itself within a day when i drank lots of water.
3. Saw little whitish grey discharge from my penis (on the 3rd day), haven't noticed that again, maybe it gets cleared when rubbed with the underwear.
4. Itching on the tip of the penis

PS: I'm a Virgin.
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Hello Mr. Vrigin,

I wanted to emphasis that because if you are one, then you shouldn't be worrying about STDs, nor even having anxiety about them and looking related STDs matters up.    I do commend you though education is key.

1.  Yes, you could have gotten vaginal fluid in your mouth.  Also you could have NOT gotten vaginal fluid in your mouth.  I don't know.     That you lips were cracked and dry  you shouldn't worry about.

2. absolutely NOT

3. You could not have contracted any STDs, from the exposure you describe.

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Thanks for the response. But i dont understand your first answer, if i did get some vaginal fluid in my mouth, that isnt a problem?

Also, i know im getting very paranoid but can someone else also comment on my exposure? And could my symptoms be because of some UTI or some yeast infection?
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Hello again,

Getting vaginal fluids in your mouth   ---This such thing will put you at low risk for STDs.  You shouldn't worry about  it.

Your symptoms alone are NOT consistent with any STDs.

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