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STD from a lap dance, herpes HIV

The other night I went to a strip club. I was wearing khaki shorts and had my boxers on. I got a lap dance from a stripper and she was just wearing a thong. She started grinding on me and I could feel her warm wet vagina on my penis as she was rubbing it. She started moaning breathing in my ear and sucking my neck. At the end she goes "my clit was basically rubbing on your penis." I'm very worried I caught HIV, herpes or some type of STD from this encounter. I had my shorts on but they were very thin. I don't think my penis left my shorts but I'm not sure cause I was kinda drunk. I just remember I could clearly feel my penis basically going in her vagina through my shorts. I'm just very worried and would like to know what the chances of me catching an STD are.
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You had no risk.
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Thank you. I'm just worried because she left a wet spot on my shorts. My shorts were extremely thin pieces of clothing and she was basically nude. Is that anything to worry about?
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