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STD from a lap dance

Hi ,

I allowed a Russian stripper to perform for me 3 days back.

She stripped in front of me , and sat on my lap with her panties on and danced on my lap. I was wearing a jeans and an underwear inside the jeans.

She just dry humped me for a very short time of about 5-8 seconds. I never touched her vagina directly in any way.

She removed her panties(after dry humping me on my pants) after some time and started rubbing her vagina. I am not sure if she used the same hands to touch her breasts , but her breasts did touch my face couple of times during her performance.

I did touch her breasts , hips and thighs during the lap dance. But I never touched her vagina.

Can I get any kind is STDs from the above episode ?

Please help me out here ,I am very anxious , it's affecting my day today activities a lot.

Doctors please let know your thoughts. Anything will be highly appreciated.
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There are no doctors on this forum, but please be assured you are in no way at risk for anything whatsoever
Thanks Lian. I saw some doctors comments in previous threads. Are there no doctors here
No, we haven't had any doctors on the site since 2014.

We base our information off experts, agencies like the CDC and NHS, ASHA, etc. Some of us have experience working in this field, some of us have personal experience with STDs, or both.

I agree that this is no risk at all. STDs don't go through clothing, breasts don't transmit STDs (STDs are only infectious from the site of infection, like the genitals or mouth), and even if she had touched her breasts after touching her genitals, it's still no risk. Hands don't transmit STDs like that - there's too much exposure to air, too many steps (her hands to her genitals, her hands to her breasts, her breasts to your face) to be an efficient way of transmitting anything.

Got it. Thanks for the replies guys
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